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Backflow Testing in San Francisco

San Francisco is required by the state of California to ensure backflow testing is performed anually to maintain continued safety to the public water supply.
Please use the form below to contact us so that we may schedule our San Francisco technicians to perform the backflow testings at your earliest convenience.

If your backflow device is functioning properly and passes testing, the requirements for this year will be complete and the backflow assembly will be certified.

* If you would like a quote for backflow repair or backflow replacement, please use the forms on those pages to request a quote or schedule service.

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Bay Area Backflow Testing & Why You Should Choose Us

We have been providing backflow testing & related services in San Francisco for 30 Years. By providing exceptional service at a reasonable cost, our list of satisfied customers continues to grow.

Our Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers are certified & licensed by AWWA (American Water Works Association), ABPA (American Backflow Prevention Association), etc. Such as in San Francisco, each unique water purveyor determines which licensing is accepted. Bay Area Backflow is on approximately 25 different approved tester lists throughout the Bay Area & Silicon Valley. We also hold a California plumbing contractor’s license and are therefore authorized to provide all of our backflow services in San Francisco.

Qualified Backflow Testers

Licensing is granted to the tester after he or she has completed a training class, accumulated enough contact hours and knowledge to pass a very extensive written test and demonstrated their knowledge by passing a performance exam.

A backflow tester license is valid for three years, at which time they must take both the written and hands-on test again to prove their knowledge and abilities.

Going The Extra Mile

Bay Area Backflow, Inc. technicians go through additional training and evaluation programs for backflow testing and repairs for approximately 3-6 months. Upon completion of this program the tester then uses those skills to provide our customers with the exceptional backflow testing, repair, or replacement services that Bay Area Backflow is known for.

Let Us Show You The Best Customer Service

We are ready to work, professional, and on-time. At Bay Area Backflow, we're excited to show you what good customer service is really like.